Special thanks to TD Bank for fueling and refueling the millennium music express and for keeping this production alive. 
Thank you also to the Government of Canada’s War of 1812 Commemoration Fund for financially supporting our tribute to the War of 1812.

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Ottawa Citizen - 2010-05-29 
A musical kaleidoscope: Production inspires all ages as it tells the story of Canada's music
You could call Deborah Davis a musical and educational pioneer. But when asked how she's created, produced and successfully run a Canadian production for a decade on a shoestring budget, the energetic artist is quick to point out that it takes a village.

"We've been a remarkable team of people," she says, standing centre stage during a recent rehearsal for the tenth instalment of A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage, a high-energy show aimed at informing, inspiring and appealing to all ages about the history of Canada and its music.

Ottawa Citizen - 2010-05-29 

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Epoch Times - 2010-05-25

Music Extravaganza Celebrates 10 Years of Showcasing Canadian Heritage

OTTAWA—The history of Canada is the focus of the rousing extravaganza, “A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage,” which will celebrate its 10th anniversary with five whirlwind shows at the Canadian Museum of Civilization from May 31 to June 3.

Deborah Davis, the lead vocalist, producer, and director, first envisioned the show in 1998 to teach children about Canada’s history through the country’s incredible musical heritage.


Read Full Article by Cindy Chan

Ottawa Jewish Bulletin - 2010-05-24

Davis’ A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage celebrates 10th anniversary By: Benita Baker
"In 2000, when Deborah Davis had the idea to teach children about the history of Canada through music, they said it couldn’t be done. But the tenacious founder of the popular children’s musical group Choonga Changa is not one to readily concede to skeptics. And now, A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage, Davis’s critically acclaimed musical production, is celebrating its 10th anniversary..."

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Guerilla - 2010-05-17

Davis and friends toast Canada's heritage through song and dance

In the hands of the right creative team, the story of how A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage—the home-grown production soon to hit the stage at the Museum of Civilization for a tenth consecutive year—might itself be an inspiring Broadway show.

And the creator of the show, Deborah Davis, could star as herself: an untrained dreamer who sets out with a tiny budget, a big heart, and a grand vision to turn a love for history into a big-stage production that celebrates Canada through its music.

But even if she never reaches Broadway, Davis would likely say that she has already accomplished most of what she set out to do with the show she created a decade ago and continues to guide as it grows and evolves.

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Nepean This Week - 2010-04

Keeping Canada’s Musical History Alive
"For Nepean resident Deborah Davis, there was no question of giving up her dream to teach children about our country’s musical heritage. Davis, founder of A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage has come a long way....."

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Arts Court

Congratulations to A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage

Congratulations to Deborah Davis and the cast and crew of A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage on a spectacular run of sold out performances from June 10th to the 18th at the Canadian Museum Of Civilization.

From the rousing opening overture to the full-cast closing finale A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage rapturously transported audiences through more than ten thousand years of music made in Canada….

With the generous support of TD Canada Trust Music, ticket sales and the work of numerous volunteers and community support (and without any government funding), six SOLD OUT performances were presented at the CMOC in Gatineau Quebec to critical acclaim.

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